Our projects include consulting work that we do for our clients (mostly stage A and B startups in the US and Europe) as well as our own ventures that we launch internally.

Please find below a small sample of our current projects. Full list available upon request.

Fountain is the leading gig-economy ATS and has partnered with JJ Studio to help launch new arms of the business. JJ Studio has successfully built out & scaled the back-end operations for Fountain’s “Job Board for Gen Z” MPV – on top of acquiring over 3k early customers while lowering the CPA by 98%. Additionally, JJ Studio has conducted a large market research study with over 200 interviews, focus groups and survey participants to validate pain-points & possible solutions. Lastly, JJ Studio has helped Fountain move applicant sourcing for some of their key clients in-house.

Say2eat is a SaaS startup allowing restaurants to deliver meals commission-free. After conducting a re-positioning exercise, JJ Studio has tested over a dozen marketing & sales channels to acquire restaurant clients for Say2eat throughout the US. Several of these channels have proven to be more scalable and affordable than Say2eat’s original marketing mix – and have since been playbooked & scaled by JJ Studio on behalf of the client.

Shiftfillers is a tech-powered, light industrial-focused staffing company built to make the process of staffing transparent, simple, and enjoyable for businesses, MSPs, and workers alike. JJ Studio helped Shiftfillers with all marketing and operational functions from idea to launch, including process creation, tech vendor review and selection methodology, client onboarding, worker policies and workflows, and launch marketing.

GetLocalDiscounts is a local deals aggregator built by JJ Studio. After registering, users are able to access and instantly use thousands of deals that small businesses are already offering – such as Happy Hours, meal specials, salon discounts, dry-cleaner loyalty discounts and much more. Powerful filters by business type, deal-type, availability days & types, locations & more allow users to quickly search through hundreds of deals. GetLocalDiscounts is currently available in New York City and will be scaled to other cities after completing user validation.

DeliverSweet is a subscription service designed to help men with romantic gestures and gifts for their significant others. JJ Studio took the company through the validation and proto-selling process to develop positioning, branding, and marketing that resonated with their target audiences. DeliverSweet has been developed & launched by JJ Studio.

TheLaptopLight is a light-weight, foldable, USB/USB-C powered LED light that easily clips on any type of laptop to make you look like in a professionally lit studio on every video call – rather than engulfed in the shadows like a James Bond villain. The light was designed & prototyped by JJ Studio and the need for this device has been validated through proto-selling. TheLaptopLight will become available for pre-orders on Kickstarter in the next few weeks.